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         You can become a Certified Bra Fitter by attending the above course in a selected city near you.  

What is a BFRIN Certified Bra Fitter?

A qualified professional, earning the designation of CBF, who makes an assessment of, measures and subsequently fits another person with a properly functioning brazier/bra and other upper body garments which hosts breast tissue. This art and science is taught at the highest level through BFRIN.


Credential as a BFRIN Certified Bra Fitter

Some who are already in the field of Bra Fitting, want to hone their skills in the science of bra fitting while learning new techniques and approaches to better serve their clientele. Those who are considering a career as a Bra Fitter need the education and resources required to properly perform this science.  The credentialing process will:


  • Assess the Bra Fitters current knowledge

  • Lay the foundation to the art and science of bra fitting

  • Build upon current knowledge

  • Provide a respected designation to the Bra Fitters work

  • Give Bra Fitters the confidence associated with CBF designation

  • Allow the Bra Fitter to help women with the fundamentals of life

This course is BOC-APPROVED for (4) CEU's  (Continuing Education Units).


Why Credentialing Is Important

Credentialing provides clients with confidence in the Bra Fitters ability to provide excellence!  It allows them to trust the quality of care that the Credentialed facility provides.  Upon completion of your testing and continuing education, credentialing also provides you, the BFRIN Certified Bra Fitter, with the highest confidence in your mastered abilities.


Employ BFRIN Certified Bra Fitters

Certified Bra Fitters posses the relevant knowledge and skillset to care for the needs of your clients - therefore boosting revenues to new heights.  Hiring Certified Bra Fitters will generate repeat business and word of mouth advertising that results from the positive experience your clients have received.   Certified Bra Fitters are required to take in continuing education (CE’s) credits on a yearly basis. This ensures being up-to-date on the latest science and techniques of bra fitting. It also provides an arena for Bra Fitters questions to be answered, live models to fit and networking to be carried out amongst educators and peers.  In an effort to keep companies compliant with hiring Certified Bra Fitters, we have reduced the Application and Exam Fee to employees of Networking Participating Companies (NPC).  See Fee Chart below:

Application and Exam Fees

Individuals = $199

Employees of NPC's = $149


To Become a Networking Participating Company

To become a Networking Participating Company (NPC), you will need to fill out the above Pre-Registration Form.  Clients are entitled to receive the highest level of service through their bra fitting experience.  To ensure the quality of service each client receives, you want your employees to be Credentialed as BFRIN Certified Bra Fitters.  Our educators provide  virtual courses during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Your employees will receive discount pricing on their required credentialing fees (see Fee Chart above).   


At the end of the course, each of your employees has the opportunity to pay their required fees to BFRIN directly.  As an NPC, you also have the option of paying the fee to BFRIN for your employees and receive an additional 10% discount on all fees. Some NPC’s charge this amount to their employees as a payroll reduction.

If you currently work for a company that is not a Networking Participating Company, please speak to your Supervisor about filling out the NPC Registration Form.

Upon completion of the course, learners will:


  • Have a medical understanding of breast anatomy

  • Be able to perform a resourceful needs assessment for the client

  • Recognize different breast shapes and the implications it has on bra selection

  • Become familiar with a variety of bra styles and the medical, practical and cosmetic value to the client

  • Have in-depth knowledge in the science of bra fitting

  • Possess the necessary tools to sit for the CBF Exam


Fill out the Contact Form above as a Networking Participating Company (NPC), as an Individual or as an Employee of an NPC.  Exam Courses will be held virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Filling out the Contact Form is for pre-registration purposes.  Course space is limited.  

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