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BFRIN specializes in creating custom fitted breast prostheses, of the highest quality, that enhances a woman’s well-being after breast surgery. Our Certified Mastectomy Fitters (CMF) are committed to providing you with medically necessary supplies and services, even if you are not covered by health insurance. We are passionate about patient satisfaction, offering one-on-one attention in the office or in the privacy of your own home.


Education is primary! We educate medical professionals and patients on solutions to asymmetrical breast as well as breast cancer post-operative care, with a promise to embrace cultural, ethnic and social differences. We recognize that each woman's post-operative experience is unique.  Therefore, we provide a customized solution for each survivor's body type and shape - restoring the self-confidence and the sense of completeness she deserves.

Being Fitted Right Is Necessary
  • Consultations

  • Bra Fittings

  • Breast Care Education

  • Hospital/Medical Office In-Service Sessions

  • Off-the Shelf Breast Prostheses Fittings

  • Custom Breast Prostheses Fabrication/Fittings

  • Post Surgical Camisoles

  • Mastectomy/Lumpectomy Bras

  • Lymphedema Supplies

  • Custom Wigs (Cranial Prostheses) Creation

Insurance Coverage
Our facility is staffed with Certified Mastectomy Fitters.  We are accredited by Medicare and contract with various health insurance companies as well as State Funded Medicaid.  Some plans cover all items and services at 100%.  Others pay a percentage of the cost or only pay for certain items.  You can find out more information about your Coverage and Eligibility by contacting your insurance company.
Grant Funding
We provide grants for Breast Cancer Survivors and Women with Asymmetrical Breasts who have no health insurance coverage or health insurance with high co-insurance/co-pays for which they require financial assistance. Apply for a grant by clicking here.  Eligibility: 1) Must have a medical diagnosis of Asymmetrical Breasts, Upper Extremity Lymphedema or Breast Cancer; 2) Live in the United States; 3) Need financial help to cover the cost of breast prosthetics, related supplies and/or services. 
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