Automotive 101

Understand Automotive Basics with Cliff.  Our 2-part course will equip you with the confidence you need to be a successful car owner.  Sunday, June 23rd and Sunday, June 30th / 4-6 PM.  You will learn:

 *Accurate prices for car repairs


* If your car doesn't start, is it the alternator or the battery?  How can you tell?

* How much air to put in your tire

* When you're at the gas pump, which octane to choose (87, 89, 91)

* How to jump start your battery

* How to change your tire

And so much more!

Class cost: The cost is (1) Gift Card to any Cheesesteak Place (any denomination).  Please present to instructor upon arrival.

Don't let the mechanic "run you over"!

Address: 25 W Plumstead Ave
             Lansdowne, PA 19050
Date:     June 23 & 30, 2019
Time:     4:00 - 6:00 PM


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