Breast Protheses

Custom fitted breast protheses

BFRIN 3D Scan Technology makes a perfect fit!

  • Post Surgical Camisoles

  • Foam Breast Prostheses

  • Post Surgical Bras                               (for mastectomy, lumpectomy and naturally uneven breasts/breast asymmetry)

  • Lymphedema Sleeves

  • Lymphedema Gauntlets/Gloves

  • Lymphedema Pumps

  • Wigs (cranial prostheses)

  • Semi Custom Breast Prostheses 

  • Off-the-Shelf Breast Prostheses

  • Prosthetic Nipples

  • Custom Prosthetic Areola

  • Custom Prosthetic Nipples

3D Scan of Perfect Fit

Breast Prostheses

We Also Provide

Using 3D Scanning technology we produce a customized breast prosthesis that fits your skin tone and shape like a puzzle piece, restoring femininity, self-confidence and a sense of completeness.

Custom Breast Protheses to Fit Your Skin Tone

Skin Tone Palette

Our Courses are Nationally Accredited through BOC


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