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Questions to Ask My Doctor About My Cancer

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Being told you have cancer can be scary and stressful. You probably have a lot of questions and concerns. Learning about the disease, how it’s treated, and how this information might apply to you is a lot to do on your own .You might need some help. The American Cancer Society can give you general information about the cancer and its treatment, but your doctor is the best source of information about your situation.

It’s important for you to be able to talk frankly and openly with your cancer care team. They want to answer all of your questions, no matter how minor they might seem to you. But it helps if you know what to ask. Here are some questions you can use to help you better understand your cancer and your options. Don’t be afraid to take notes and tell the doctors or nurses when you don’t understand what they’re saying.

The questions are grouped by where you are in the process of cancer treatment. Not all of these questions will apply to you, but they should help get you started.

For more information on the type of cancer you have please contact your American Cancer Society toll free at 1-800-227-2345 or online at

When you’re told you have cancer

1. Exactly what kind of cancer do I have?

2. How do I get a copy of my pathology report?

3. Where is the cancer located?

4. Has the cancer spread beyond where it started?

5. What’s the cancer’s stage? What does that mean?

6. How does this affect my treatment options and long-term outcome (prognosis)?

7. What are my chances of survival, based on my cancer as you see it?

8. How much experience do you have treating this type of cancer?

9. Will I need other tests before we can decide on treatment?

10. What are my treatment choices?

11. What treatment do you recommend and why?

12. What’s the goal of my treatment?

13. Should I think about genetic testing?

14. Should I get a second opinion? How do I do that?

15. Should I think about taking part in a clinical trial?

Questions to Ask My Doctor About My Cancer

When deciding on a treatment plan

1. What are the chances the cancer will come back after this treatment?

2. What would we do if the treatment doesn’t work or if the cancer comes back?

3. Will I be able to have children after treatment?

4. How much will I have to pay for treatment? Will my insurance cover any of it?

5. How long will treatment last? What will it involve?

6. Where will treatment be done?

7. What risks and side effects should I expect?

8. What can I do to reduce the side effects of the treatment?

9. How will treatment affect my daily activities?

10. Will I be able to work during treatment?

11. Will I lose my hair? If so, what can I do about it?

12. Will the treatment hurt? Will I have any scars?

Questions to Ask My Doctor About My Cancer

Before treatment

1. What should I do to get ready for treatment?

2. Will I need blood transfusions?

3. Should I change what I eat or make other lifestyle changes?

Credit: American Cancer Society.

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